PMS is a key factor in significantly reducing the failure of critical and non-critical machinery and parts across all yacht departments. It substantially increases the safety and operational reliability of a vessel. 

Planned Maintenance

Our cloud-based PMS software allows crew, shore-based managers and Owners to share and monitor in real time.


The documentation of the manufacturer's recommended service procedures safeguards compliance with classification and current regulation requirements. Alerts for pending or outstanding tasks enable each department manager to accurately and timely plan maintenance procedures that greatly reduce unnecessary costs.

Benefits To Owners

Every Owner needs to know their yacht is managed and preserved to the highest of standards, if only to ensure an optimum resale value. Regular accurate and continuous record keeping is an essential part of crew and management handovers and limits unnecessary costs.  PMS will ensure the yacht is less reliant on the shipyard and can provide better credibility with surveyors during class surveyors.

Benefits To Shipyard

Shipyards stake their reputation on the quality of the build process and the reliability of their yachts once they have left the yard. PMS will make sure a vessel is maintained in line with warranty terms. Defects can be detailed, photos uploaded for reference, while reports can be maintained directly by the shipyard, ultimately giving them more control over warranty issues and in the long term saving on costs and the need for unnecessary visits.