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Maximise the enjoyment and minimise the risk

Yacht New Build & Refit
Operational yacht management
Yacht Planned Maintenance





SALT combines expertise, knowledge and experience with a solution-driven approach to operational yacht services for an efficient and enjoyable experience throughout your superyacht journey.

With our personalised luxury yacht service, your captain and your crew are fully supported in navigating the maze of maritime rules and regulations while maintaining compliance with flag states and class societies.  By building trusted relationships with the relevant authorities, our dedicated yacht managers are kept fully informed of new regulations and flag state requirements which ensures your vessel is always compliant with new legislation. Our yacht management team and operational yacht services will always prioritise safety to establish the highest standards on board for the protection of your asset and all personnel. Our operational support includes an emergency Designated Person Ashore (DPA) who is dedicated to your yacht and is available 24/7 wherever in the world your yacht is located.

SALT delivers a cost-saving yacht management service from the outset.  Our proactive, versatile and agile approach means quick response, without unnecessary administration and with minimum disruption. We deliver value-based solutions that are supported by our collaborative compliant software, to give you, your crew and our shore-based yacht managers the opportunity to share and monitor all the information for operational yachts services in real-time.

While SALT concentrates on minimising the risks, costs and liabilities associated with yacht ownership, your captain and crew are able to focus on the operations of the yacht while continuing to provide the perfect experience and service for you, your guests and all those who charter and sail her. 

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