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Northern Europe

May - September

Pristine landscapes, bountiful wildlife, and natural phenomena give the Northern Europe coastline and the Arctic reaches a unique appeal. With countless outdoor activities to enjoy amongst the glassy fiords, a host of stylish cities to wander around and a explore the rich tapestry of history; this is definately a charter destination for those that seek more adventure off the beaten track.

Wetern Mediterranean

April - September

From the endearing eccentricities of Sardinia to the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, this intriguing part of the world makes for an unforgettable cruising destination. Beneath its allure and obvious beauty there lies fabulous beaches, vibrant coastal cities and hidden villages enriched with culture that work together to offer a visual and sensual feast.

Eastern Mediterranean

April - October

Spoilt for choice between the Adriatic, Ionian and the Aegean? Each coastline is fantastic and offers a different charter experience. The spartan beauty and big name DJ's on the main Cycladic islands, the azure sky morphing with the turquoise sea around the Ionian Islands or the malachite greens of the looming mountains and the intense blues reflecting off the waters of the Adriatic - one wishes that all life's dilemmas were like this.

Caribbean & Bahamas

November - April

From high mountain peaks to shimmering reefs, spicy salsa rhythms to deep rolling reggae, pirate hideouts to sugar-sand beaches, the Caribbean and Bahamas are dazzlingly diverse. While the Caribbean undoubtedly has more options as far as a destinations, you can't beat the convenience of the Bahamas. No matter which itinerary you choose, you're going to see some amazing wildlife, lush vegetation and beautiful beaches.

North America

May - October

An incredible variety of charter opportunities await along America's North Eastern rugged shores with its dramatic coastline, defined and shaped by the Atlantic Ocean. While the remarkable Great Lakes are home to amazing summer resort towns and the all-American experience. The Pacific North West and British Columbia's breathtaking coastline is in itself a stunning journey of a lifetime. More charters than ever are seeking diverse itineraries and experiences along America's Northern coasts.

Central America

November - May​

Cerulean seas and verdant forests, magnificent Mayan ruins and smoking volcanoes, Central America is like a tropical fairy tale – except it's all for real. Perched between the chilled-out Caribbean vibes on one side and the beauty of the Pacific on the other. There are rain forest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails in Costa Rica, rushing white-water rapids in Guatemala, scuba diving with whale sharks in Honduras or snorkelling in the world's second-largest coral reef in Belize.

South America

November - May​

A continent of many colours bursting with contrasting treasures - Andean peaks, Amazonian rain forest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns and white-sand beaches. As the world's greatest music destination, nothing compares to hearing the rhythms of Colombian salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango and Andean folk music. These sights and sounds set the stage for an incredible yacht charter adventure.

South Pacific

Year round

Adrift in dreamy South Pacific with a humid breeze, gin-clear waters, homogeneous beaches and reefs, smiling locals and gardenia scented air. The remoteness of these paradisiacal islands make for the most perfect and secluded charter experience. With a cultural diversity befitting any such earthly expanse, each island group is unique in its customs, history and landscape.

Indian Ocean

Year round

The Indian Ocean islands are as varied as the islanders, spice merchants and explorers that have shaped them. Look no further for giant coconuts or giant tortoises. Explore the lush rain-forests, lambent coral reefs, exotic and excluded beaches, and the natural underwater playgrounds, not to mention the potpourri of cuisine and curious wildlife. These islands and coastlines are exactly what superyacht charters were made for.

South East Asia

Year round

Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historic, cultured and curious, this is surely an exciting and exotic charter destination. With a vast cruising area from Myanmar to Indonesia, along stunning shorelines where you will find world class diving in warm waters peppered with glorious islands. In this melting pot of cultures the people are generous, warm, refreshing and relaxed. 


November - April

With many superyachts on expedition journeys around the world, there are a number of opportunities to charter in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere. Snuggled up together in the same continent these two great countries are worlds apart when it comes to their unique awe inspiring scenery and thousands of miles of coastline just waiting to be explored.


November - March

There is nothing quite like the craggy crevasses of a magnificent glacier or the sheer expanse of the polar ice cap. No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Its surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges are home to some of the world’s most extraordinary species. Now is the time, more than ever to explore this phenomenal continent.


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