The Benefits Of Home-Schooling Aboard A Superyacht

As the coronavirus pandemic forces schools to close yet again around the world, families are continuing to home-school their children while self-isolating on board a yacht. Home-schooling was already a growing trend, but the practice has now become a necessity for many in dealing yet again with another ‘lockdown’ during this coronavirus crisis.

According to superyacht owners, home education can be even more fulfilling than keeping children at school. Close encounters with marine life and an appreciation of the ocean are just some of the rewards available to children. To round off their experience, children can learn about the boat and the crew’s roles. Many owners are keen for their children not to grow up with silver spoons in their mouths and encourage the stewardesses to teach their children how to fold laundry and keep an inventory. For the more inquisitive child there are opportunities to learn about osmosis, generators and water filters from the engineer and for the active child the bosun is on hand to teach safe boat handling skills.

Having set times for managing classroom activity is deemed important while a set schedule helps keep studies serious. However, a mix of curriculum activities alongside exploration and adventure must surely be the perfect balance while home-schooling onboard a yacht. Some owners have recruited professional teachers, while others see it as a time to become fully engaged as a family unit and have taken on the role as teacher themselves. There is also the ready-made family / tutor that comes with the crew.

Selecting the prefect, family friendly yacht is essential and particularly so if this is going to be a long-term charter, our charter consultants are on hand to recommend the best family friendly charter yachts. You may also want to check out Why Charter With The Whole Family and Five Reasons to Charter.