A Scottish Yacht Charter Adventure

Scotland is home to some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscapes in the world and is a must-visit destination for those seeking an alternative charter experience. Admittedly it doesn't quite have the celebrity cachet as the South of France, but it does have towering mountains, mythical lochs, dense woodlands and golden beaches, this windswept paradise has it all when it comes to adventure.

In previous years you may have been forgiven for never thinking about putting Scotland at the top of your charter wish list. With tropical climes the usual number one priority when planning a voyage, it’s easy to default to the familiarity of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean; but this is a serious oversight. Scotland has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most breathtakingly craggy landscapes. It’s steeped in history, boasts abundant wildlife and is an ecological marvel. Sure, you’ll definitely need to pack a rain mac, but no one goes to the Highlands to sunbathe – they go for adventure.

This year while we endure travel restrictions due to the COVID crises, not to mention the added travel complications of Brexit, Scotland may be the answer for a hassle-free and well-deserved yacht charter vacation. Part of Scotland’s charm is the fact there’s no one else around – they have been self-isolating in Scotland for years!

An off-the-beaten-path charter in Scotland will reveal beautiful bays with sandy beaches, rugged islands and archipelagos with ecological rarity, where you will find the breeding grounds for puffins and seals sitting alongside medieval castles steeped in history. A distillery tour will sharpen your appreciation of for the many distinct flavours of highland whiskey, while for the more active there is fishing, kayaking across calm waters while looking out for playful dolphins and spectacular views as a reward for having hiked to the top of a Munro (over 3,000 feet). A fitting end to the days activities is an evening feast of fresh Scottish shellfish prepared by your own private chef and a snifter of your favourite Scottish whisky.

If the above charter tickles your fancy, what better way to discover all of this than on board a 1928-built motor yacht – an authentic piece of history in and of itself - Motor Yacht FAIR LADY oozes glamour, style, and quality, it’s like walking into a time warp.