Great Lakes

These vast expanses of interconnecting freshwater lakes eventually lead out to the Atlantic Ocean. Stunning landscapes with lighthouse dotted scenery and sandy beaches await, along them are lagoons and wetlands where diverse wildlife habitat. Contrast that with the mighty skyline of Chicago or a helicopter ride over Niagara falls and there is a full itinerary and a charter destination for all discerning tastes.

Pacific North West

You can't escape the unique experiences that the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia nature has to offer, even the cosmopolitan cities are punctuated by looming, snowy peaks: A journey along this dramatic coastline will take you through the breathtaking glimpses of islands, mountains and jungles, some of which still have diverse and rich ecosystems untouched by the vagaries of human civilisation. The word "epic" bearly does this charter destination justice.

New England

Squeeze six states into an area smaller than Arizona and it's hardly surprising that you end up with a place of incredible diversity and varied identity. Between Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, this is a coastline where mountains reach down to the sea and yacht chartering is a heady mix of sophistication, outdoor adventure and back to nature experiences.


A destination of seclusion, adventure and breathtaking beauty from Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords National Park, Glacier Bay National Park and the remote reaches of the Aleutian Chain to the Bering Sea. Whale watching and glacier viewing are mandatory, surrounded by scenery of sheer magnificence. For those with the ultimate sense of adventure then there is the everest of the Northwest Passage!

North America