Chartering a luxury yacht is the very best way to discover Montenegro’s remote islands and famed UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its beguiling coastline embodies an old world glamour that encases an interior patchwork of spectacular scenery, framed by the glistening clear waters of the Adriatic. Renowned for its hospitality, you will find a warm welcome and an incredible feast wherever you go.


The seemingly endless coastline is speckled with hundreds of magnificent islands that offer a profusion of spectacular cruising opportunities, from the tiny, verdant and unpopulated to the massive, arid and sporting ancient towns and villages. Don't miss out on the mouthwatering Croatian cuisine. Some of these fine dining and Michelin star restaurants are the best in the world - so ensure to ask the Captain to book ahead!

Greece & Islands

With ancient sun-bleached ruins and piercing blue skies, the balmy Aegean has an endless lapping coastline, where you will find culture alive with wonderful cuisine and thrill-seeking activities - and that's just the mainland! The islands ignite the imagination and satisfy the soul, if not with history laced in mythical tales then with the heady pulsing beat of a dusk to dawn nightlife.


Aptly named the Turquoise Riviera this staggeringly beautiful coastline lapped by jade waters and backed by forest-blanketed slopes has been a cultural crossroads for historical figures, empires and trade for thousands of years. With an extended summer season there is plenty of time to discover the inviting islands and dazzling harbours. Alongside the vibrant cities, there are picturesque bays and secret coves to explore.


Imagine the audacity of building a city of marble palaces on a lagoon of 118 islands - and that was only the start! Then came epic grandeur, venitian feasts, artful life styles and defying convention. Venice, the Aladdin's cave of arts, culture and cuisine is a great beginning or end of a charter destination and a mere hop from the northern Croatian coastline and fortress towns of  Rovinj, Pula and  Poreč.

Eastern Mediterranean