Caribbean & Bahamas


The Caribbean is a joyous mosaic of islands beckoning paradise-hunters, an explosion of color both above and below the water line, fringed by picture perfect beaches and soaked in rum. It’s a lively and intoxicating profusion of people and places. With no greater contrast than the bustling Barbados to the colonial St Vincent or the revolutionary Cuba to the british owned St Kitts or its sleepy, Dutch-affiliated neighbor Saint Eustatius.


Bahamas is an archipelago nation of about 700 islands, fringed by spectacular coral and fathomless ocean trenches that boasts the clearest water on the planet. It spangles in the depths of the North Atlantic between Florida's eastern coast and Cuba. With easy access through a number of airports, a journey of discovery awaits from the astonishing array of beaches and reefs to the mangroves of Andros.

British Virgin Islands

The 50 plus (BVI) islands have a quirky edge, and despite being a popular superyacht destination they remain relatively undeveloped. With steady trade winds, calm currents and protected bays you will find each island has a unique personality - the Virgin Gorda with its magical rocks, Anegada, that floats in a remote reef with beaches waiting for those serious about unplugging, while bustling St Maarten and St Thomas bring a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe.